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One of the most revealing things my former meditation teacher ever said was that enlightenment is not an instantaneously achieved state. Enlightenment does not suddenly befall us, where one day we are unenlightened and the next suddenly, boom, we are the Buddha!

Rather, she said, enlightenment is a process of stringing together all of your small experiences of enlightenment until there is no more illusion, there is just your experience of being awake.

It was quite a revealing insight, for a number of reasons:

First of all, when you have a moment of clarity and insight, a moment of being…

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If 20/20 is perfect vision, what has this year taught you to see clearly?

2020 will likely go down in history as one of the most challenging we have faced as a world in the past century. I recently read an article in the NY Times about how 2020 will be remembered alongside years like 1865, 1945, 1968 and 2001 — tumultuous, challenging, world changing years that changed the course of history.

And if we’re not seeing properly through the challenging times as a collective (and I do mean THROUGH), we are going to react to the trauma of the…

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In order to move forward and change, you must first admit failure. GenX, I think it’s time we come to the realization…to date, we’ve failed.

I thought we were going to make an impact, we were going to channel our youthful rage into change…but so far we haven’t, we’ve failed.

I’m not a fan of the Baby Boom Generation, never have been.

I’ve always thought baby boomers were self-centered and self-serving, doing everything for their own pleasure. A narcissistic generation, consuming for the sake of consumption, centering everything around their own ambitions.

And as GenX’ers we were raging against that…

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I’ve been studying shadows lately.

No, not actual shadows that emanate out in front of our bodies when the angle of the sun is just right, but our internal shadows that are ruling our lives in so many unconscious ways.

You see, I’ve been digging into the masculine archetypes — The King, The Lover, The Magician and the Warrior — and learning how each archetype has a shadow manifestation when the fullness of that archetype is not embodied.

Carl Jung devoted a good portion of his work to the shadow, impressing upon us the absolute necessity of dealing with our…

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A friend of mine asked me yesterday, in the context of my story on the anger of Gen X, if I thought this was our moment, our chance to break out beyond the ‘X’ and actually leave a unique signature on this country and world? Or will greatness skip ‘X’ and ‘Y’ putting all eyes on ‘Z’ to be the next ‘great generation’?

It was a great question, and got me thinking.

This IS our moment. It’s ALL of our moments. It’s not a generational moment, it’s a human moment.

First, let me say this:

I’m really not qualified to…

Coming out of Covid-hibernation, can you more deeply connect with what is truly essential?

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Have you ever noticed when you’re having an intense conversation how your hands will start to ball up into a fist?

That fist will start to clench tighter as the situation intensifies.

And if extended will remain clenched for the duration of the situation.

The good news is that a clenched fist held tight for an extended period of time will immediately feel the relief when released.

There’s a period after any intense situation where you start to feel a sense of relief. …

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This time is forcing us to trust in the power of letting go.

There’s something in every one of us that yearns to let go, because somewhere in us knows that on the other side of that letting go, is more freedom.

Think about every difficult situation that you’ve been through in your life. If you’ve fully processed the situation, you’ve probably felt the level of freedom that exists on the other side. A breakup, a death, a financial ruin. All painful in their time, but living on the other side of that struggle is more freedom for you personally and all those involved.

We’re in a huge period of letting go right…

The events of 2020 are showing us how inextricably connected we are at the core.

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If you read my writing you know that I often look at the bigger picture and the deeper meaning behind everything.

I look for archetypes, I look at patterns and I look at the metaphor of the thing and not the thing itself.

This is a tough time for all of us. It’s an unprecedented world event which viewed through one lens is spreading fear and disease at a rate like we’ve never seen before. And I don’t want to downplay that concern, it’s a very clear concern.

People are suffering and this is a truly challenging time.

However, looked…

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I wrote a couple of weeks ago about GenX’s anger and how I believe my generation must harness that anger as the force of awakening in the present. Not pointing that anger outward, but allowing it to ignite us from within, and use it as a spark to wake up the world.

Ever wonder what teen spirit smells like? Well, that’s it!

I had some great conversations around the article and heard some insightful feedback. …

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Hi. Remember me? Allow me to reintroduce myself. My name is X. Yes, I know it’s a weird name, but it suits me very well, thank you.

X as in X’d out, X as in no-name, X as in no longer…but yes, let me tell you my name, because I have something to say…my name is X…Generation X.

You thought I was a slacker. You thought I had nothing to say. …

Mike Patterson

Part writer, part philosopher, part businessperson, mostly clueless. Lover of surfing, meditation, yoga, cooking, and other journeys of the heart.

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